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About Us:

Our volume discounts are passed down to you the consumer so that not only do we make it more affordable to lease or buy your new car but more than anything else we stress: CONVENIENCE AND DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP.

Ultimate Auto Connection is a California Auto broker serving our customers since 1988. We provides new car sales and leasing direct to the consumer. We have established relationships with new car auto dealers nationwide so that we can service customers everywhere. 

No one likes to spend 6 to 8 hours at a New Car dealership EVER, so instead why not let the professionals at Ultimate Auto Connection do it for you. Using our service is always at NO CHARGE TO YOU as we are paid directly from the Manufacturer and or Dealership.  

We find what you’re looking for, negotiate great deal, get you approved and just like that it’s done and your new car is in driveway.

When it comes to added convenience we also will take your trade in and give you more than you would receive from new car dealer and or pick up your lease turn in and get it terminated for you at no extra charge.

In today’s financial climate it is more important than ever to be sure you have confidence in your Auto Broker, rest assured that for 30 years we have been doing just that. Instilling 100% trust in our clients is our only goal and because of our great success customers refer new clients every day. Referrals are the life blood of Ultimate Auto as we do not advertise instead you are our number one source of new deals. This system is not old just proven to work decade after decade and still does.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge a fee?

No we do not our fee is paid to us directly from the MFG or Dealer.

Where do I get my new car serviced for warranty?

All new cars are covered by warranty by MFG, not dealers so your car is covered nationwide at any new car dealer regardless where you purchased or leased it.

Do you arrange financing?

Yes we have access to any and all banks and MFG banks and get your lease and or purchase rates at buy rate no mark ups. We have software that updates daily to assure that we are obtaining you the very best rates no matter what.

Do I need to come to your office to sign paperwork?

No you do not we bring new car, paperwork and anything else necessary to complete your transaction. We will also give you a demonstration on your new vehicle so you can simply drive and enjoy.

Do I need to report or go to DMV for anything?

No you do not we do any and all DMV work for you on new and used cars. We also file all paperwork necessary to release liability on your trade in or lease termination.

Do I need to shop first then come to you for quotes?

Most of our customers already know we are providing them the best price and more importantly saving them time and money so only if you feel it necessary. We will provide appointments at local dealerships if you need to test drive and choose colors. Either way, there are no sales people to deal with.

Can you find me exactly what I’m looking for?

As long as it is built and exists in stock we have access to any and all dealers. If not exactly we get as close as possible to your desires. Most dealerships will not even entertain doing a dealer trade for you unless you are over paying but here we find what you want not the other way around.


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5115 Douglas Fir Rd Suite C,
Calabasas, CA 91302

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